Hospitality Operations/Property Development

HL Global Enterprises Limited ("HLGE") has been listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Trading Limited since 10 October 1984.

HLGE was incorporated in Singapore on 21 September 1961 under the name of "Lim Kah Ngam (Singapore) Private Limited". On 24 August 1984, it was converted into a public company and changed its name to "Lim Kah Ngam Limited". Its name was subsequently changed to "LKN-Primefield Limited" on 4 June 2001 and then to "HLG Enterprise Limited" on 29 September 2006. Presently, the company is known as "HL Global Enterprises Limited" with effect from 23 April 2008.

The HLGE group wholly owns a Copthorne hotel in Cameron Highlands (Malaysia). Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands comprises 269 guest rooms and suites. It is the only hotel situated at the highest accessible point of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. Located next to the hotel, is a Tudor-styled resort, where 69 units have been leased by the hotel from the owners of the resort for use by its guests. The resort comprises self-contained low-rise and high-rise apartment suites and each suite is equipped with a living room, a kitchenette and a balcony. To maintain the competitiveness of its hotels, HLGE carries out renovation programs at its hotels from time to time as required.

Currently, we hold a 48.9% interest in the outstanding ordinary shares of HLGE.